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Yukon Health Information Network

The Yukon Health Information Network facilitates up–to-date clinical information to support health providers at the point of care to provide better, safer care to Yukoners.

The Yukon Health Information Network (YHIN) will become operational on July 23, 2017. The requirements for Custodians to access YHIN information in YHIN systems [Client Registry System (CR), Laboratory Information System (LIS), and Drug Information System (DIS)] have been established by Ministerial Order.

The department of Health and Social Services is designated as an Authorized User, so there are no additional requirements other than compliance with HIPMA.  Information packages on YHIN requirements have been sent out to those external custodians (pharmacies, physician clinics and YHC) who are already accessing any of the 3 YHIN systems regarding the transition process.  eHealth is engaging with those remaining physician clinics and pharmacies to share the YHIN requirements prior to them receiving access to YHIN systems.

Ministerial Orders