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Health Information Privacy and Management Act: Information for Custodians

The Health Information Privacy and Management Act (HIPMA) is a new, modern, comprehensive law similar to laws in most Canadian provinces and territories. As of August 31, 2016 the Act is in force.

HIPMA governs the collection, use and disclosure of personal health information by Yukon custodians. The Act recognizes both the right of individuals to protect their personal health information and the need to collect, use and disclose personal health information to provide, support and manage health care.

HIPMA sets out a number of new rules for managing personal health information. The following toolkit is designed to help you meet your obligations under the Act.

HIPMA Custodian Toolkit

Please review the documents in the HIPMA Custodian Toolkit below, to help you prepare for your responsibilities under the Act.

Copies of the toolkit documents are available in Microsoft Word if you wish to adapt them for your organization. Please contact our Health Privacy Officer for copies.

Overview and Q&As for Custodians

HIPMA Online Training Course

Readiness Materials for Custodians

HIPMA Materials to Post for the Public

Materials for Staff and other Agents

Sample Policies

Sample Forms



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