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Health centres - Communities

Community Health Centres are located in Carcross, Teslin, Carmacks, Pelly Crossing, Destruction Bay, Haines Junction, Dawson City, Beaver Creek, Faro, Ross River, Old Crow and Mayo.

These health units are staffed by one or more nurses and auxiliary staff. Primary Health Care Nurses in the absence of a physician, provide daily clinics for medical treatment, community health programs and 24-hour emergency services. Clients requiring more specialized care are referred to a hospital.

Programs delivered by the facilities include:

Community Health Programs:

  • Maternal-Child (e.g. Prenatal, Well Child)
  • Well Woman
  • School Health
  • Chronic Disease Follow Up
  • Geriatric
  • Home Visiting
  • Health Education/Promotion - includes a variety of areas (e.g. nutrition, environmental health, mental health, dental health, AIDS, etc.)
  • Immunization
  • Adult Health
  • Communicable Disease (e.g. TB, STD's, HIV Testing)

Treatment Programs:

  • 24-hour emergency care including responding to highway accidents with ambulance
  • daily (5 days/week) walk-in/outpatient/clinic for primary care including dispensing specific medications
  • visiting doctor clinics
  • referrals

Community Health Centres provide health care activities such as immunization clinics, prenatal classes, postnatal care, and school health clinics. In the rural communities, health centres also provide primary care.

Whitehorse health centre

Whitehorse health centre offers immunizations, child health clinics, prenatal, postpartum, travel health, breastfeeding support to families and the community.

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Health Centres

Beaver Creek Health Centre
Mail: Box 3, Beaver Creek, YT Y0B 1A0
Location: Mile 1202 Alaska Highway
Phone: 867-862-4444
Fax: 867-862-7909    

Carcross Health Centre
Mail: P.O. Box 27, Carcross, YT Y0B 1B0
Location: 1952 Tagish Avenue 
Phone: 867-821-4444
Fax: 867-821-3909 

Carmacks Health Centre
Mail: Box 230, Carmacks, YT Y0B 1C0
Location: 106 River Drive
Phone: 867-863-4444
Fax: 867-863-6612

Dawson City Health Centre
Mail: Box 10, Dawson City, YT Y0B 1G0
Location: 501-6th Avenue, second floor
Phone: 867-993-4300
Fax: 867-993-4301

Destruction Bay Health Centre
Mail: Gen.Del. Destruction Bay, YT Y0B 1H0
Location: Mile 1083 Alaska Highway
Phone: 867-841-4444
Fax: 867-841-5274

Faro Health Centre
Mail: Box 99, Faro, YT Y0B 1K0
Location: 111 Bell Avenue
Phone: 867-994-4444
Fax: 867-994-3457

Haines Junction Health Centre
Mail: Box 5369, Haines Junction, YT Y0B 1L0
Location: 131 Bates Street
Phone: 867-634-4444
Fax: 867-634-2733

Mayo Health Centre
Mail: Box 98, 21 Centre Street Mayo, YT Y0B 1M0
Location: 21 Centre Street
Phone: 867-996-4444
Fax: 867-996-2018

Old Crow Health Centre
Box 92, Old Crow, YT Y0B 1N0
Location: Building 200
Phone: 867-966-4444
Fax: 867- 966-3614

Pelly Crossing Health Centre
 Box 20, Pelly Crossing, YT Y0B 1P0
Location: Kilometre 464 North Klondike Highway (street behind the RCMP building) 
Phone: 867-537-4444
Fax: 867-537-3611 

Ross River Health Centre
 Box 170, Ross River, YT Y0B 1S0
Location: 14 Kulan Street 
Phone: 867-969-4444
Fax: 867-969-2014

Teslin Health Centre
Mail: Box 70, Teslin, YT Y0B 1B0
Location: 27 Dawson Avenue
Phone: 867-390-4444
Fax: 867-390-2217

Watson Lake Health Centre
Mail: Box 500, Watson Lake, Yukon, YT Y0A 1C0
Location: 817 Raven Hill Drive
Phone: 867-536-5255
Fax: 867-536-5258

Whitehorse Health Centre
Mail: Box 2703 (H-2D), Whitehorse, Yukon, YT Y1A 2C6
Location: 9010 Quartz Road, 1st Floor (between Earl's restaurant and the Feed Store)
Phone: 867-667-8864
Fax: 867-393-6407

Dawson Medical Clinic
Mail: Box 5070, Dawsone City, Yukon, YT Y0B 1G0
Location: 501-6th Avenue, 1st Floor (Dawson Hospital)
Phone: 867-993-5744
Fax: 867-993-6543


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