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Genealogy is the science or study of family descent. Many people are interested in family history research and Vital Statistics records are an important source of information for the family historian.

Yukon Vital Statistics have very little information on a data base and most searches are done from hard copy.

The Vital Statistics Agency has records of birth, marriage, and death occurring in Yukon since 1896 (some events occurring during that time were not registered). These records are available to qualified applicants and the disclosure of this information is in compliance with the Vital Statistics Act and the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

Many records relevant to genealogists are available at Yukon Archives and at a range of Yukon museums. References to some of these records can be searched at

Related links - Genealogy, or family history research, is the practice of inquiry into family descent. This is a way to connect with your ancestors that is becoming increasingly popular with people of all ages around the world. is intended to assist family history researchers to find information about ancestors who may have lived or worked in the Yukon Territory, located in the northwestern corner of Canada.

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