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Child care providers

Information, forms, guidelines, and policies for child care providers.

Early Learning Curriculum Framework

The development of Yukon's Early Learning Curriculum Framework

Yukon has contracted with an early learning curriculum specialist who is working with a 17 member Advisory Committee. The Advisory Committee includes a broad representation of people from across Yukon, including educators from child care centres and family day homes (both from Whitehorse and the communities), First Nations representatives, Yukon College, the Child Development Centre, Partners for Children, and the Yukon Child Care Association.

The new framework will introduce consistent language to describe children’s learning, set out expectations regarding the design of the learning environment, emphasize the concept of reflective practice, encourage increased communication with parents, and suggest approaches for documentation of children’s learning.

What do frameworks look like in other parts of Canada?

Early learning frameworks across Canada are grounded in the belief that young children are naturally curious, competent, full of potential, and born with an intrinsic desire and capacity to learn.

There is a good deal of consistency across Canada. Have a look at these frameworks from other Canadian jurisdictions.

We expect the Yukon Early Learning Curriculum will be available to Early Childhood Educators in Fall 2019.

As the work proceeds during the year, there will be opportunities for questions and discussion, and presentations of early drafts of the framework.
If you have questions, please contact the Child Care Services Unit, who will forward questions to the Yukon Child Care Association.


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