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Providing feedback

Find out how to provide feedback on the quality of services provided by Continuing Care.

If you have feedback about the care or services that you or your family is receiving, please share your experience with us. Continuing Care values your perspective. Feedback is important to us and contributes to the value and quality of the services we provide.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I give positive feedback, provide suggestions, or make a complaint?

There are several ways to provide feedback: 

  • Tell your concerns directly to any member of the care team. They will complete an internal form reflecting what you have told them.
  • Speak directly to a supervisor or manager. This can be someone who is not directly involved with care, but has supervisory responsibilities for members of the care team or program area.
  • Submit your comments, using the Feedback Form for clients or family.

What happens after I submit my feedback?

  • Continuing Care follows-up on all feedback. Unless you have said that you do not want to be contacted, someone will contact you within 4 hours for urgent issues and within 2 business days for non-urgent issues.

How can I compliment a member of the team?

There are several ways to compliment a team member:

  • Compliments can be submitted using the same Feedback Form.
  • You can request a formal meeting with a program manager.
  • Informal cards, letters or verbal compliments can be provided to any member of the care team or their supervisors and managers, as you prefer.
  • Please be aware that Continuing Care employees cannot accept gifts with a monetary value.

What happens if I'm unhappy with a member of the care team and would like them permanently removed from involvement in my care?

You can request that a member of your care team be removed. Please speak directly with the program manager, or use the Feedback Form. The supervisor or program manager will:

  • Try to identify the specific issue that has caused you to request the person be removed from the care team. Continuing Care is committed to providing high quality care that supports your needs. If the issue can be resolved through remedial training, then the manager will put those supports in place.
  • If the issue was related to training, you will be asked to allow the employee to remain on your care team long enough to demonstrate whether or not the training has addressed the issue. The program manager will follow-up with you in order to determine if your concerns remain, or have been resolved.
  • If you still want the employee removed from your care team, the program manager will make those arrangements. Please be mindful that, although every effort will be made to accommodate this request as quickly as possible, scheduling issues may mean this does not occur immediately. Please be patient, and continue to follow-up with the program manager.


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